Bring your data to the frontline

Kaski Cloud makes your data relevant and easy to use.

Kaski Cloud products are not like others. We are not a Transport Management System or Last Mile solution.
We do not replace customer ERP systems. We manage, store and enrich customer logistics data and make it easily accessible and usable to the frontline and back office.

Serve customers better, with easy to use data

Adding value to global logistics process

Kaski Cloud solutions enhance your ERP and improve your frontline solutions. Additionally, we add value to all stakeholders by generating a reliable real-time view of service operations, increasing profitability while helping you to fulfill service promises

Providing visibility to frontline employees

Kaski Cloud keeps your frontline workers up to speed and helps them to serve their contacts better by distributing existing ERP and SAP-based information efficiently. Kaski Cloud collects relevant real-time information and shares it via the advanced web UI application.

Managing the global stream of goods

Kaski Cloud can help to secure your service chain and make your logistics data more reliable and easy to use. Our technology is used every day in more than 60 countries, having a positive impact on the lives of over a billion people globally.

Bring your data to frontline employees

Streamline your global maintenance operations. We provide the end-to-end logistics process in an easy way to the hands of your frontline.

Bring your data onboard of the cruise ship

Manage fleet lifecycle and lightweight. Save costs in new and refurbishing projects through unified and digitized information and operations.

Use case

Streamlining the global maintenance operations

Already affecting the daily lives
of over 1 billion people.

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Use case

Manage fleet lifecycle and lightweight

Value creating solution developed in co-creation with Maritime experts

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About us

We have burning desire for growth

KASKI is a traditional way of burning or turning the old land to new growth. Similarly, KASKI CLOUD boosts new growth from existing data and information. Our solutions are having a global impact, on the lives of 1 billion people in more than 60 countries.  

This is what fires our team up

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