We are looking for investment partners with the expertise and resources to share the next phase of our ambitions. Kaski Cloud has developed a solution that secures the service chain and makes logistics data more reliable and accessible.  

A leading tool for global enterprise operations

Kaski Cloud drives better business value through unprecedented data insights. Our technology impacts hundreds of millions of users in more than 60 countries and was designed from the start with global scale in mind.


A single, scalable and easy-to-deploy platform, serving all stakeholders

Kaski Cloud can easily customise and adapt to fit even the most specific needs of multiple industries. Our Google Cloud -based mobile software is easy to deploy to any ERP-platform. The single platform solution generates a reliable real-time view of logistics operations and inventory. This increases profitability by supporting you to exceed expectations. 


A viable investment in a proven solution with lucrative market outlook

Kaski Cloud is the result of rigorous, uncompromising development work combined with world leading expertise. Today, it is up and running in over 60 countries with indirect returns already exceeding the development costs tenfold. We are a trustworthy Google Cloud partner with 10 years of custom software experience. 

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