Keeping frontline workers up to speed and help them to serve their contacts better can be done by distributing existing ERP and SAP-based information efficiently.  Service-, delivery and purchase orders, delivery confirmation and tracking is no longer hard to use Kaski Cloud eLogistic API makes easy availability of enriched data of 3rd party systems. This is how we solved the problem to our global customer. Put your data to use with Software-as-a-service solution.

Solution is in current use in in 60 countries by 20 000 users. It is used as a tool in 400 000 customer contact points and 7000 customer visits daily.

User-friendly, quick and visual

Kaski Cloud created a user-based web UI solution. It provides the end-users with easy access and full view of relevant data, such as orders, locations and schedules. Kaski Cloud helps streamline workflows while keeping customers satisfied and informed.

  • A mobile-first platform
  • Visual user experience
  • Data collection, analysis of ERP transactions
  • Fully automated customs documentation

Value-based, agile and traceable

Kaski Cloud turned existing data into actionable insights that drive business value. It tracks tasks and orders transparently and accurately, and is capable of handling a wide variety of other tasks. Key information is available how you need it, when you need it.

  • Collecting and viewing SO, PO, DO, DC & tracking data 
  • Make the most out of existing data
  • Store & collect documents
  • Access ERP-data faster and more cost-efficiently

Proven gains, easy and inexpensive to deploy

Kaski Cloud created an independent and adaptive modular solution that enhances data integration of multiple ERP sources. It can be easily modified to serve the specific needs of various industries.

  • Independent and adaptive ERP plug-in
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Cost-effective and intuitive
  • Easy and quick to set up

Kaski Cloud is deployed in the cloud and available as software as a service (SaaS), so you can utilize it from any mobile device or Web browser. All the information you need is available in one view. We integrate to over 200 logistics carriers in Land, Air, Sea and Rail as well as to ERP’s (Including SAP).

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